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Sure to take your audience on a musical journey through southwestern Europe, this composition, DANZAS DE ESPANA, is rhythmically and melodically set for performers and listeners to embrace the culture of the region. Through three defined sections (Encendio, Corazon de Amor, and Cingaro) one can experience three different Spanish influenced dances presented with the melodic and rhythmic lines of the percussion and winds.  Composed to guide younger players to a mature sound with room for advanced players to expand their musical artistry, each aspect of the show will not only educate but entertain.  Created to show off every section of the ensemble, the front ensemble is highlighted through each movement and they also support dynamic brass entrances as well as subtle nuances presented by the woodwinds.  This composition invokes feelings of love, sorrow, peace, joy, and sheer excitement that will encourage listeners to dance to every musical statement.  A great place for music and history collaboration, take your audience on a musical journey to ESPANA!


Medium Easy

Catalog #: 001-01-350

Score/Parts:  750.00

DANZAS DE ESPANA.mp3Ayatey Shabazz
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