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Ayatey Shabazz

A musical setting that immediately portrays the character of one who is triumphant, Heroes embraces the inner- strength of both the performer and the listener.  From the opening fanfare that shines a light on the positive aspects of the world to the stunning, patriotic lyrical section that portrays both the turmoil and love that is experienced by mankind in times of heartbreak and frustration, Heroes provides a musical backdrop to our everyday lives.  Signaled by a single-voiced canon throughout the ensemble, the composer depicts the individual efforts one must make to weather the storm.  An inverted recap of the opening theme is reassuring as it reminds one that everyone can be a hero. From students to teachers, movement leaders to civil activists, and armed forces members to first responders, this piece represents the HERO in all of us!


Medium Advanced

Catalog #: 002-01-1028

Score/Parts:  76.00

Score only: 10.00

Part: 8.00

HEROES - Ayatey Shabazz
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