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Ayatey Shabazz
A complete show for the marching ensemble, COLORS, SHAPES, and SOUNDS, presents the art of storytelling from a musical point of view. Everything has a story! Composer Ayatey Shabazz, creates a musical novel including primary colors that are combined to create a picture that evokes stories of happiness, sadness, love, and excitement. He uses the idea of basic shapes to create complex sounds that resemble the unity in circles, the edginess of diamonds and meter changes that portray the right angles in a square (4)and the acute angles of a triangle (3). The sounds of life are presented as the feelings of a person. From the lushness of the color blue, the fiery grit of the color red, to the success of a golden sun, COLORS, SHAPES and SOUNDS will represent every musician and every listener in a special way!
Score and Parts: $1000.00
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