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Ayatey Shabazz

If you think of Earth as a blank canvas waiting for the colorful strokes of an artist, you have imagined the creativity behind “Quiet Earth”. Ayatey Shabazz approaches this blank canvas with a bold chordal structure that lays just enough of a colorful stroke of beautiful melodies and uniquely placed passing tones that it moves the listener through various earthly emotions of warmth, kindness, care, and love. If one was to arise to complete darkness, the musical setting of “Quiet Earth” paints a picture of our planet in its most beautiful and natural state. Emerge upon your new musical journey with Ayatey Shabazz’s “Quiet Earth”! 


Medium Advanced

Catalog #: 002-01-1030

Score/Parts:  76.00

Score only: 10.00

Part: 8.00

QUIET EARTH - Ayatey Shabazz
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