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Ayatey Shabazz​

A musical setting of a small Louisiana city and its school system that fosters academic and artistic success that is affected by a once-in-a-lifetime storm, “REGENESIS” is a new work that celebrates the historical prominence and current growth of the city of Baker and its school system which was suddenly leveled by the Great Flood of 2016.  From the introduction and its five-note melodic theme to the rhythmic motif presented by the woodwinds and melodic percussion, followed by a heroic theme presented by the brass, the composer ends this work with a feeling of renewal and methodically brings this piece to a finale that represents anything but the end… it leaves you wanting more.  This piece was a New Beginning for Baker and will be a refreshing musical experience for all ensembles. 


Medium Advanced

Catalog #: 002-01-1027

Score/Parts:  76.00

Score only: 10.00

Part: 8.00

REGENESIS - Ayatey Shabazz
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