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Ayatey Shabazz

A prince set out to defend his country by becoming the great-warrior, Khron.
His father, the King, who has trained him for this day since he was three, fights beside him, unknowingly to the queen. With a military of only a thousand women and men, Khron and his father guide their loyal soldiers into war, battling over 10,000 men without losing a single life. At the end of the battle, the identity of Khron isn’t exactly revealed to the queen but she finds his cherished pristine Sword and sees that it has been used. She now realizes why the relationship between the king and prince were so extraordinary close. Khron, birth name Maxillian, is a great composer, musician and scholar, not a warrior. At least,
what he was only thought to be. Time will reveal the identity of Khron as he and the king brings kindness, prosperity and honor to distant lands unbeknownst to this way of life.

Medium Advanced

Catalog #: 002-01-1031

Score/Parts:  76.00

Score only: 10.00

Part: 8.00

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